Spiral Stairs

Raccoons do drugs. It’s science…

An excerpt from Spiral Stairs’ biography:

Former frontman of Preston School Of Industry and founding member of Pavement, Scott Kannberg returns with his first solo album, The Real Feel, credited to his long-running nom-du-rock, Spiral Stairs.

“I guess that’s my name now,” he laughs. “It had been so long since the last Preston School Of Industry album, it made sense to call this a Spiral Stairs record. Everyone knows me as Spiral, it’s weird when someone calls me ‘Scott’. I’m not sure anyone knows who Scott Kannberg is.”

Despite the pseudonym, however, The Real Feel is Spiral’s most personal and honest recording yet, the songs’ loose, late-night vibe, soulful ache and charmingly vulnerable optimism shaped by his experiences in the years between the last Preston School Of Industry album, 2004’s Monsoon, and today.

It’s an album heavy with haunted blues and bruised soul, with a soused late-night ambience that perfectly fits both its scuffed and sad-eyed ballads, and its more strident rockers.

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The Heavy

OK, so I found out about these guys from a KIA Sorento commercial; shoot me.

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You’ll understand my disbelief when I first saw this:

Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter looking rather chilly


I knew Rayland in high school. At the time, I was only jealous of his athleticism, devilish good looks and height (he’s well over 6′). Imagine my anguish to find out he’s also a talented songwriter with an angelic voice.

In all seriousness, Rayland is writing some excellent compositions and, perhaps more importantly, he is bringing them to life with judicious instrumentation and uncommon restraint. Have a gander at this video and then saunter over to his Myspace page to get the goods.


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The Rise of LA Country Rock

Linda Ronstadt? … Learn something new every day.

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