OK, the dolls are a little creepy, but these guys have a really good sound going here.

Romantica – The National Side from Ryan Newman on Vimeo.

Cool Jobs: Local Rock Star from 651media on Vimeo.

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Zachary Lucky

Aside from having one of the best ready-made musician names I’ve ever heard, Lucky has some serious chops both as a songwriter and as a player. He has a very easy-flowing sound, fairly dripping with Canadian understatement and existing in a world forever cabin-bound amid the towering landscape of Saskatchewan.

He sounds a little like a Saskatchewanian (sp?) version of Jose Gonzales; voice faint, a little squeeky and whispering as though these song were never meant to leave the fire side. I really like what this fella’s up to and I hope he can make it to the States to play soon.

Here are some samples:

<a href="">Coming back home by Zachary Lucky</a>

<a href="">Our new home by Zachary Lucky</a>

<a href="">Broken Trees by Zachary Lucky</a>

Shot at the Dark – Zachary Lucky from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

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