Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat them.
-Thomas Jefferson


A brief explanation of posts you can expect to find on this sight.

1) Audio Nerdness – I am an audio engineer by trade. Audio engineers, as a group, really like to talk, argue and debate about techy stuff and I am no exception. I realize that the average Joe could give two shits about, say, the total harmonic distortion of a Jensen transformer (which is remarkably low, by the way) so I will try to appropriately post the more propellor-head stuff before diving in.

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I wonder what's for dinner...

2) Music Critique – I listen to a lot of music and particularly enjoy turning people onto music they may not have heard before. I also love to critique music. This poses several contradictions which are fairly obvious to those of you who know me well: a) I sometimes lambast musicians who are clearly better than me b) I consider myself educated and intelligent enough to critique fine art in the first place and c) I presume that there are people who give a shit. Well, phooey on all that.

3) Social Commentary – Cogito, ergo sum. Again, the assumption of higher thinking.

So there’s a musical bent to this site.  But, truth be told, I am knowingly breaking the cardinal rule of blogging; deliver focused, concise content. Well, the world is neither focused nor concise, and neither am I for that matter.

What people mean when they say that the music industry is failing is that it is becoming decentralized, gradually delaminating and splintering into fragments that are strange and unrecognizable to those whose only frame of reference is the monolithic beam from whence they came.  For the rest of us, however, these shards are beautiful, twisting and bending in delightfully unexpected ways.  The music is out there.  Let me repeat, THE MUSIC IS OUT THERE.  You just have to look for it.

This site is intended to aid the casual listener by disseminating unexpected, good music.  The next time some deluded baby-boomer tells you “there’s no good music anymore” tell them, “bullshit! and I have proof.”

- Keller was born in New Orleans, grew up outside of Washington DC, attended prep school in New England, ran track at Ole Miss in Oxford MS, completed audio and entertainment business degrees in Orlando, FL and currently resides outside of Hartford, CT not far from the long-time residence of one his greatest idols, Samuel Clemens.  Keller spends the majority of his time making, listening to and writing about music. -